Located near Scottsdale, the Arizona Courtyard House is a product of an architectural solution that utilizes a sustainable, modular, prefabricated building system that is flexible and adaptable to any climate or site. Composed of recycled corten steel, the structural system consists of standardized components of columns, beams, and connectors that are assembled in the shop and transported to the site sequentially. Based on a 7’ x 7’ module, the system results in an efficient construction process with consistent accuracy and precise detailing.

The goal of the Arizona Courtyard House was to further develop this sustainable building system, demonstrating its flexibility to create a house of linear volumes, arranged to define a private courtyard, with the main house to the south and east, a fitness center and instructor’s lap pool to the north, and mountain views to the west. Corten steel was selected for the project for its sustainable characteristics, and aesthetics, as its weathering steel is complementary to the colors of the desert. The corten structural components are left open to view, creating a pleasing contrast to the highly polished concrete floor throughout the house. The grid of corten beams overhead defines the ceiling inside and flows beyond the glass enclosure to define outdoor rooms in the courtyard, blurring the distinction between inside and out. Roof panels of corten were detailed with perforations where possible to allow filtered daylight from the desert sun to reach the courtyard below.